Episode 2.9 – Live with Sommelier Pepe Fundora of Casa Nuova

A Cork in the Road

Certified Sommelier Pepe Fundora grew up in the restaurant and hospitality industry, and his passion for helping people discover new wines lies at the core of all his work. His family owns and operates an Italian restaurant in Alpharetta, GA called Casa Nuova that is extremely connected to the local community. They are known not only for their incredible food and wine program, but also for their generous outreach and fundraising efforts for their local community organizations. Pepe tells me about his time studying engineering at Georgia Tech followed by recounting his wine journey with experiences like working harvests in Napa Valley and Italy where he connected deeply with the farming and engineering aspects of viticulture. We also chat about the Atlanta wine community and what it makes it so unique. Visit www.casanuovarestaurant.com for information about the restaurant, and you can follow Pepe’s wine adventures @pepeasomm and @cork.and.glass on Instagram.

Recorded May 31, 2020